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Toors Light

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The Toors light is a super lightweight dedicated touring ski. The combination of our flyweight cores, straight carbon layup and toors tail technologies allow us to create a full sidewall, durable, touring specific ski that is unbelievably light.


Length Dimensions Sidecut Mount Weight
184cm 124-108-119 24.5M -4CM 1.5kg/Ski


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Straight Carbon

Our Straight Carbon layup features full carbon laminate around a wood core to provide torsional rigidity and stiffness while keeping the ski light enough for long days touring, or at the resort.

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The 1.4 mm DuraSurf 4001 sintered base is thick enough to take a beating off of rocks, sticks, stumps, and anything else you can throw at it while still maintaing race like performance.

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2.1X1.9 mm edges provide durability for unwanted encounters with rocks and trees and provide superb edge hold on hardpack.

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ECO-Resin Syrup

We use the only USDA BioPreferred resin to insure we have the least enviormental impact possible when making our skis.

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Torsion Tech

Biax carbon fiber increases torsional rigidity for improved edge hold on hardpack snow conditons.

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Carbonated Pop

Full length and width unidirectional carbon fiber provides more pop and responsiveness without a significant increase in weight. This creates a more lively, responsive, and fun ski.

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Fly Weight

Balsa wood and flax fiber cores provide the lightest possible core, and the added binding retention pockets allow it to support even the hardest chargers. This core allows you to get up the mountain the fastest, while still getting down in style.

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Tour Tail

A lower rise, blunt tail prevents tail clip slippage, making for a faster and more efficient tour.

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Water-Shed TS

Textured nylon topsheets are a durable, chip resistant topsheet that offer better snow shedding qualities than their non- textured counterparts.

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Sandwich Shock

Full length UHMW sidewalls with VDS and urathane damping layers cut out vibrations and chatter for a smooth ride.

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Chatter Proof

Rubber layers in the tip and tail absorb vibrations to reduce chatter and produce a smooth ride.

Camber Profile

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