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Razor 115 176cm Topsheet - KF Skis
Razor 115 185cm Topsheet- KF Skis
Razor 115 - KF Skis

Razor 115

SALE PRICE: $ 649.99
The Razor 115, are the perfect tool for using the entire mountain as your terrain park. Symm.Twin allows this ski to feel like a park ski on pow jumps but still maintain stablity when charging at highspeed at your local resort. Simply a must have for anyone looking to take their park tricks to the backcountry.


Length Dimensions Sidecut Mount Weight
176cm 130-112-130 22M Center 2.1kg/Ski
185cm 133-115-133 25M Center 2.3kg/Ski




For our hybrid laminate we use full width fiberglass for a more playful and buttery ski, while still featuring full width carbon layers for added stiffness and pop, without increasing weight.

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The 1.4 mm DuraSurf 4001 sintered base is thick enough to take a beating off of rocks, sticks, stumps, and anything else you can throw at it while still maintaing race like performance.

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2.1X1.9 mm edges provide durability for unwanted encounters with rocks and trees and provide superb edge hold on hardpack.

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ECO-Resin Syrup

We use the only USDA BioPreferred resin to insure we have the least enviormental impact possible when making our skis.

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Carbonated Pop

Full length and width unidirectional carbon fiber provides more pop and responsiveness without a significant increase in weight. This creates a more lively, responsive, and fun ski.

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Cruiser Weight

Maple / Poplar cores provide a light and strong core with solid binding retention for a smooth damp ride that you can trust.

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Water-Shed TS

Textured nylon topsheets are a durable, chip resistant topsheet that offer better snow shedding qualities than their non- textured counterparts.

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Fully symmetrical sidecut and shape for a balanced swingweight and superior switch performance. Intended to be mounted dead center.

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Sandwich Shock

Full length UHMW sidewalls with VDS and urathane damping layers cut out vibrations and chatter for a smooth ride.

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Chatter Proof

Rubber layers in the tip and tail absorb vibrations to reduce chatter and produce a smooth ride.

Camber Profile

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