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About Us

KF Skis is a ski and snowboard manufacturing company that specializes in producing carbon fiber skis and snowboards. The engineers behind KF Skis have a combined 14 years of experience producing skis, as well as Mechanical engineering degrees from the University of Utah. Having spent the last seven years riding the skis we sell, we have a product that has been thoroughly tested and perfected.

KF Skis is unique to the industry in that it uses an entirely carbon fiber layup technique that, on average, is 30% lighter than a fiberglass counterpart. This reduction in weight is not only incredible for resort riding, but can have a profound difference for those who recreate outside of ski area boundaries. Lighter skis and snowboards equate to effortless turning, more rapid response from the skis or snowboard, and greater damping characteristics. Having three less pounds of weight on your feet will greatly reduce fatigue induced from hiking mountains, reserving energy for the beloved descent. KF Skis is also capable of producing skis and snowboards of any shape and with any graphic the user desires. Many people ride the same skis or snowboards for several years, and it is vitally important that they can acquire the exact shape or flex pattern that they wish whilst making this long term investment. KF Skis can provide these requests as well as offer a custom graphic that the user designs, making the skis much more personalized to the individual. With the future of skiing and snowboarding heading towards the backcountry, KF Skis skis and snowboards will enable the users to have a more enjoyable experience while both ascending and descending.

Have a more specific question? Feel free to contact our employees directly at the email addresses listed on our contact page.