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Layzrblaydz (15/16) - Kitten Factory Skis
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Layzrblaydz (15/16) - Kitten Factory Skis
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Layzrblaydz (15/16) - Kitten Factory Skis
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Layzrblaydz (15/16)

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SALE PRICE: $ 349.99
The Layzrblaydz, are the perfect tool for using the entire mountain as your terrain park. Symm.Twin allows this ski to feel like a park ski on pow jumps but still maintain stablity when charging at highspeed at your local resort. Simply a must have for anyone looking to take their park tricks to the backcountry.


Length Dimensions Sidecut Mount Weight
176cm 130-112-130 22M Center 2.1kg/Ski
185cm 133-115-133 25M Center 2.3kg/Ski