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Matt Heffernan | Snowbird Cruising

Haven't been skiing much park this winter (despite the lack of snow) and have spent the majority of my time riding snowbird. I edited this before I realized this song has been used a couple times so I do apologize for the repeat. Enjoy!

Bloom Outerwear | Spring Break: Brian Head

Headed down to southern Utah for a weekend at Brian Head resort with the Bloom Utah squad (except Meeks who was shooting with the Bunch in Boston).
Skiing by Spencer Harkins, Jim Borchardt, Brian Tonetti, and Sam Hurst.

Sam Hurst | Reborn

This lifestyle we all enjoy requires us to acknowledge and face the risks that come with it. Returning from injury forces a person to become stronger in body and in mind. This short film embodies the perseverance needed to make it back to where we left off and beyond. May 5th marks the 1 year anniversary since Sam suffered a "Lisfranc injury", an incident that left him without the ability to walk for over 3 months. No matter how hard we fall, getting back up is the only option. With this in mind we give you "Reborn."